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2018, the year ahead: 5 gadgets to watch out for

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As we wrap up 2017 with festivities, we also look back at innovations, discoveries and technological advancements that made headlines. It has been quite the year for tech as we witnessed ample interesting gadgets and technology trends. Some notable releases like iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, smart watches and other gadgets marked the year, raising the bar for 2018 as we await more stunning tech breakthroughs.

The UAE market will deal with new hi-tech gadgets in the New Year which could impact the society at large

Let's have a look at some hi-tech gadgets:
Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung had a triumphant year with the Galaxy S8 range along with Glaaxy Note 8 phablet being a hit with users. Now, Samsung fans are all the more eager for the company's next flagship Galaxy S9 after pictures and features were leaked online. However, there has been no confirmation from Samsung on this.

The Korean giant is expected to release its successor early next year in the form of the Galaxy S9 which is aimed to give stiff competition to iPhone X and Pixel 2.

Google Home Mini
The Google Home Mini is a stylish-looking speaker with high quality sound. The Google Assistant is also available on Google Home Mini, which makes it very useful for getting any information like knowing about weather, etc.

Smart Autonomous Flying Phone-Case Camera Drone
Now, this is something to watch for - an autonomous sleek flying phone case camera which is just 9mm (3/8in) in thickness and easily fits into your pocket. Slated to be released in 2018, the awe factor here is that it not just a drone taking selfies and capturing stunning images instead it works as a protective case for your smartphone!

Project Ara - Modular Phones
With Project Ara we guess there will be no necessity to burn a hole in your pockets and buy a newer smart phone. How? Well tech giant Google is working on Project Ara which will curb the need to buy new phones with technological advanced features. Project Ara will reveal a phone that will have replaceable components which can be changed according to the one's desires.

For example, a photographer can upgrade camera or lens on the smart phone or any music lover can simply upgrade the speakers and audio quality.

Liftware is a self-stabilizing handle that can be used as a fork or a spoon and aid people with no or limited muscle power like those with Parkinson's disease. Patients with such ailments usually lose their motor skills and muscle power making it difficult for them to hold or life anything. However with this new gadget we are sure they will be able to savour some delicacies without any assistance!